Atom Bank – CoT Submission and Post Completion Documentation

To avoid any delays at completion, Atom Bank would like to remind all panel firms of their instructions for the submission of an acceptable Certificate on Title (CoT).

Recent feedback has indicated the main reasons for delayed release/cot rejection are due to the following.

• Failure to the request for funds with the appropriate lead time
• Certificates on Title submitted incomplete
• Certificates on Title being submitted without the appropriate signature

Where possible the lender requires 5 days to process the document and arrange for funds release etc. Whilst there will be occasions when funds may be required ‘urgently’, this should be on an exception basis only.

Please refer to the relevant section of the UK Finance Mortgage Lenders Handbook for Atoms specific lender instructions. Continued non-adherence is being monitored and may result in the lenders decision to remove a firm from their panel.