Converge Technology Solutions (CTS) – Cyber Incident

It is LMS’s understanding that to this point, no official information has been provided by CTS or its representatives regarding the source or nature of the cyber security incident. No timescales for the restoration of service have yet been provided. In the absence of formal information LMS is unwilling to speculate about these details.

Whilst the law firms affected by the incident are largely reliant upon CTS and its advisors to restore systems and services, those firms are all focussed on trying to progress cases and support customers to the best of their ability.

LMS believes it is imperative that we continue to do everything that we can to support the progression of transactions to keep customer and client impact to the absolute minimum.  LMS will continue to provide Panel Link law firms with secure access to lender information via our Conveyancer Zone Portal.

To ensure the security and integrity of our systems we will be undertaking the following steps (which we appreciate will have an impact on firms but believe continued accessibility is more important than removing access or suspending our service), this includes:

  • Forced reset of the login credentials for users from firms known to have been affected by the incident.
  • Cycling the security keys used to access API integrations with LMS.
  • Resetting the credentials for any other forms of data integration

We will of course continue to provide updates as soon as we are in receipt of any new/additional information.