HSBC Communication

As you will be no doubt aware the mortgage market is buoyant at this time and HSBC is currently experiencing high demand for our products. It would really help us process your enquiries as quickly as possible if you could avoid chasing for responses to recent requests or sending multiple requests as standard. We want to use our Helpdesk for cases where you need urgent support or have been waiting longer than expected for a reply so we don’t keep you holding on the line. Please see additional guidance below on specific processes:


Redemption figures – our current turnaround time is taking longer than usual and it would be helpful if you would not send duplicate requests during this time unless completion is imminent (within 2 Working days) to avoid duplication.


Submission of Certificate of Title – For England & Wales and Scotland, please ensure you are selecting the HSBC UK Smart Cot option on the LMS Lender document page, which will ensure you receive confirmation when your Certificate of Title has been received by us. Please ensure you adhere  to Section 10 of the UK Finance Mortgage Lenders Handbook to ensure appropriate notice is given when submitting the Certificate of Title