HSBC Post Completion Notification Process

HSBC and LMS have undertaken a review of post completion activities and made a change to the monitoring/chasing process. The changes outlined below will take effect from Wednesday 10th May 2023.

LMS will continue to manage the post completion process up to day 98 following completion for England & Wales cases and day 140 for Scotland and Northern Ireland, therefore you will continue to receive the direct LMS communications in relation to post completion. Following day 98 (England & Wales) and day 140 (Scotland/Northern Ireland), HSBC will then assume responsible for the chasing of all outstanding registrations, therefore evidence of the charge is to be provided to HSBC.

LMS will supress HSBC post completion communications at this point, which will prevent duplicate communications for the law firms, although we will continue to export to HSBC any post completion documents uploaded to the LMS portal confirming registration.