Panel Link Changes

Dear Panel Member,

LMS continues to work hard for its lender clients but maintains a focus on making sure all law firm/lender interactions are as easy as possible and preferably via a secure means to further mitigate the risk of email interception, phishing, and criminal deception.

LMS are continuing to make significant investment in our services, listed below are some of the future services and services that are currently available for law firms and your clients to use.

•  LMS Bank Account Check
•  Law Firm Client Account Check
•  Lender Service Adoption Summary*
•  Lender membership criteria page
•  Solicitor Copy Mortgage Offer – access/download
•  e-COT
•  Redemption Statement Portal
•  Self Service functionality in Conveyancer Zone*
•  Secure messaging service for post offer queries and document queries
•  New API access services for click free access to LMS Conveyancer Zone*
•  Ongoing collaboration with Land Registry, Registers of Scotland and Northern Ireland Land Registry regarding data exchanges post completion verification.
•  Confirmly by LMS*

Accordingly, we will be increasing the current £15 plus VAT per completion charge to £25 plus VAT for all instructions received on or after 1st March 2022, any instructions received prior to 1st March 2022 will continue to be paid at the current rate.

All lender panels under LMS supervision remain free to join with firms only required to pay the completion charge on completed instructions. No charges apply to cancelled instructions.

All LMS panel management lenders have approved the changes and updated panel addendums will be deployed live to our Conveyancer Zone portal.

*Further information can be found at www.lms.com/conveyancerzone and www.confirmly.co.uk