RBS & NatWest Mortgage Manager System Migration Statement

On Behalf of RBS & NatWest

Mortgage Manager System Migration: 28 Sept – 1 October 2018

What’s happening

As part of our long term vision to manage and serve our customers from a single strategic platform, we’ll be migrating legacy NatWest & RBS Mortgage Manager accounts to our strategic Group Mortgage System (GMS).

Migration will begin at 8:00pm on Thursday 28 September and conclude on Monday 1 October.

We’ve gone to great lengths to minimise any impact to you and our customers during this period, when both our Mortgage Manager and GMS systems will be undergoing planned maintenance.

Here’s an overview of the arrangements and transitional business processes we’ll be introducing as we approach the migration.

What you need to know

Completions on or around 28 September 2018

Please avoid submitting a Certificate of Title (COT) on Friday 28 September for same day completion. Please ensure we receive COTs well in advance so we can schedule release of funds on the morning of Thursday 27.

Where completion of a mortgage is already scheduled for Friday 28 September, we’ll release the funds on Thursday 27 September.

Please don’t make any new requests any funds releases on Friday 28 September.

Purchase completions scheduled for 1 October

We’ll release funds for purchase completions scheduled for 1 October on Thursday 27 September. As the funds will be released one day earlier than usual we’ll make an interest adjustment to the customer’s account to ensure they aren’t adversely affected.

Remortgage completions scheduled for 1 October

Where re-mortgages are scheduled to complete on 1 October, we’ll release the funds on 1 October.

Mortgage Appointments during this time

We’ll schedule no mortgage appointments for existing Mortgage Manager System customers to discuss switching products, contract variations or further advance applications between 20 September and 3 October.

We’ll schedule no mortgage appointments for GMS based customers between 28-30 September. The last available slot for GMS customer appointments on 27 September will be 4:00pm.

Further Advance completions

Further advance completions for migration weekend should aim to complete prior to close of business on 27 September

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