Requesting Funds from RBS or NatWest

Since March LMS has distributed thousands of mortgage offers on behalf of RBS and NatWest via Conveyancer Zone. Where a mortgage offer has been delivered to you via Conveyancer Zone, the Certificate of Title must also be submitted to RBS and NatWest via Conveyancer Zone.

Submitting a Certificate of Title through Conveyancer Zone means that you no longer need to contact the lender to check if they have received the document. Providing data and not a hand written document reduces the risk of errors and your client account details can never be updated (and submitted) on the Certificate of Title to anything that is not held in our system and has been through our rigorous checks.

It is important that you check the details of the mortgage offer as soon as you receive it and contact RBS/NatWest with any changes by calling NatWest on 0800 400 999 and RBS on 0800 056 0567. The mortgage offer information will populate the Certificate of Title and it is important to inform RBS/NatWest of any changes as early as possible to avoid delays, some updates can take up to three working days to be processed.