Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest SDLT Incentive

On Behalf of Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest.

As we are approaching the end of the stamp duty incentive we are planning for a large volume of customers to look to complete their mortgage transaction by the 31st March.

Accordingly, to help ensure that Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest are in the best place to complete your clients mortgage we wanted to remind you of these important points around Certificates of Title.

1. Please ensure that you have allowed seven working days from sending the COT to the completion date

2. The COT should only be submitted if there are no outstanding issues or concerns that need to be raised

3. Please check that the offer is still valid and not expired prior to submitting the COT

4. The busiest period will be within the last two weeks of March and where possible encourage completion date before this period

5. If you do need to contact us you can call on the usual number (0345 302 0190) but please be aware that our phone lines may become extremely busy towards the end of March

6. If you are calling to check on release of funds please can you check with your own finance department first.