Spoof/Scam Emails – February 2023 – Important Notice

We have been alerted to spoof email’s purporting to be from LMS in relation to Mortgage Offers or other related documents. These emails are not coming from LMS, nor have LMS’ systems been compromised in any way.

We have been in contact with the law firm that was the source of the original email and it appears that they have been subjected to a wider, targeted campaign trying to extract client funds from unsuspecting borrowers. We are contacting you directly to ensure your awareness of this current evolving threat.

If you receive one of these fake emails please note that the link contained within the message does not relate to LMS but is to a site which we suspect is gathering intelligence and potentially identifying future targets so please do not click it .

To prevent scenarios like this happening to your business or borrowers please ensure that passwords are updated regularly and NOT used for multiple purposes. Where possible enable/enforce multi-factor authentication and remind your clients that you will never ask for funds via email.

For you protection, please be mindful of potential fraud/scam emails, LMS will only ever use the domain name @lms.com, please ensure you verify the sender of any message before taking any further action.

Thank-you for your on-going vigilance


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