LMS announces the launch of its new podcast to help listeners keep up with the latest mortgage trends and conveyancing innovations

  • The LMS Podcast episodes will be uploaded on a regular basis and will provide an overview of market changes while informing listeners of the latest LMS solutions
  • Episodes can be found on Spotify, and the LMS website


The LMS Podcast aims to provide valuable insights on the mortgage market while reacting to important topics that are currently impacting the conveyancing sector and keeping the listeners in the loop with the ever-changing property landscape.

In addition to market reviews, the hosts at LMS will also share updates on recent LMS services and new product areas that have real potential to streamline the conveyancing process. Listeners will be able to catch up with the latest technological innovations LMS is working on, while becoming more familiar with how the business is supporting key stakeholders to ensure their services are as secure and seamless as possible.

The first episode, which is now live on Spotify, touches on the future of Charge Registration – including next stages of development for LMS.

Commenting on the new podcast, Nick Chadbourne, CEO of LMS said:

“The LMS Podcast is a product of our ongoing efforts to support the conveyancing sector by keeping listeners up to date with market trends and changes that might directly affect them. While we already have these critical discussions with our current partners, we wanted to share our knowledge and expertise to benefit a wider audience. That’s why we will also be discussing new LMS product innovations to help listeners digitise their conveyancing experience and enable further collaboration, transparency and efficiency in conveyancing.”


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