Here at LMS our primary goal is to keep borrowers safe throughout the conveyancing process.

This free service is simple, quick to use and helps protect borrowers against fraudsters who target victims by contacting them under the identity of their law firm.

The LMS Bank Account Check covers approximately 7,000 branch records and 97% of conveyancing law firms transactions in the UK.

If the law firm’s details do not match, or if they are unavailable to check against, an alert is triggered that will advise you to speak directly to the law firm before transferring funds.

Access Bank Account Check

You may receive a link to Bank Account Check from your law firm or lender, you can access Bank Account Check by clicking the button below

Check an account

Did you know...


was lost in 2018 through authorised
push payment scams
(Source: UK Finance)


was the amount financial providers
were only able to return of the losses
(Source: UK Finance)


bank customers fell victim to push
payment fraud in 2018
(Source: UK Finance)

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Frequently asked questions

Bank Account Check – What should I do if I receive an email from my law firm informing me of a change to their bank details?

Most law firms will not change their bank details during the time that they work on your transaction. In the unlikely event they did change their bank details you should not be informed via email. Fraudsters do not just try and contact you by phone and text, they also ‘phish’, contacting you by email too. So always be suspicious of unsolicited emails that are supposedly from your bank or some other trusted organisation because the address can easily be faked. Never automatically click on any links they contain either, not before stopping to check if they seem genuine first.

Bank Account Check – How can I spot a scam email?

Take Five provides the following advice: 1. The sender’s address doesn’t match the website address of the organisation it says it’s from. Roll your mouse pointer over the sender’s name to reveal its true address. 2. The email doesn’t use your proper name – using something like “Dear customer” instead. 3. There’s a sense of urgency, asking you to act immediately. 4. There’s a prominent website link which may seem like the proper address, but with one character different. 5. There’s a request for personal information. 6. There are spelling and grammatical errors. 7. The entire text of the email is within an image rather than the usual text format and the image contains an embedded hyperlink to a bogus site. Again roll your mouse pointer over the link to reveal its true destination.

Bank Account Check – What if my case can’t be found?

If we have been unable to match your surname and postcode to our records of customers who are currently remortgaging or purchasing a property through a lender managed by LMS, please ensure the surname and postcode match those on the mortgage offer sent to you by the lender and try again. It may be that we do not have your details which unfortunately means that this service is unavailable to you. Please speak to your law firm directly to check their bank details.