LMS launches new Charge Registration process, streamlining communication and saving law firms hours in admin

  • LMS introduces an innovative solution for the Charge Registration process, enabling direct updates from HM Land Registry (HMLR) and reducing administrative overhead for law firms


17th October 2023, London: LMS, the UK’s leading conveyancing services provider, today announces the launch of its innovative charge registration process, set to transform communication with law firms, potentially saving hours of administrative time for every firm. LMS’ new approach simplifies the process and streamlines communication for all without compromising the regular updates our lender clients require.

From its launch today, LMS will be able to access updates directly from HM Land Registry (HMLR) automatically, eliminating the administrative overhead on law firms. The enhanced process stems from valuable feedback received from the law firms themselves. LMS recognised the need to streamline post completion communications to panel firms and minimise the amount of chasing against a backdrop of extending registration timescales.

Under the new process, law firms are simply required to provide an HLMR application barcode reference number to LMS at the outset of the application process. This reference number enables LMS to access updates directly from HMLR without further engagement needed, unless there are significant issues or changes with the application to register the lenders charge.


To make the Charge Registration process as easy to access as possible, LMS offers three ways in which law firms can use the new solution:

  • Charge Registration API – Larger law firms with the right resources can implement the Charge Registration API which also means saving firms logging in separately through Conveyancer Zone
  • Xperate Plug and Play – Through a series of ‘connectors,’ law firms can access digital tools such as Secure Link, Charge Registration, Mortgage Offer Distribution, and Confirmly through their own Case Management Systems
  • Integration partners – LMS has several integration partners firms can get this access through, such as InfoTrack, without having to be a direct LMS client. This is part of its commitment to driving change for the entire industry.



In addition, the process enables LMS to distinguish between firms who are working to ensure they give all the required updates, even when there might not have been any significant change, from those firms who place less importance on providing updates on the status of their charge registration matters. As such, differing approaches can be taken to get the best possible outcome.



Looking forward to 2024, LMS is committed to further improving its Charge Registration process, including the capture of estimated completion dates and facilitating applications to register directly from the LMS panel management environment. The aim is to provide greater access and more integration points, enhancing the process’ speed and accessibility for all. Collaboration with law firms is paramount, and LMS welcomes feedback from law firms either directly or via future roundtable discussions.


Ian Robinson, Chief Operational Officer at LMS, said:

“At our core, the whole LMS team is dedicated to driving efficiency and optimising the conveyancing process for all stakeholders. Our commitment to this mission hinges on our active engagement with the industry, and we believe the only way we can make worthwhile change is truly listening to industry feedback and applying this to our products and services.


“This innovative solution embodies this vision perfectly – listening directly to law firms, we have built technology that that improves access to key information and reduces pressure on law firms post completion activities making their lives easier while also helping lenders get the updates they need. This is just the start, with continuous updates and further iterations to come as the needs of the industry evolve over time. If any law firm or lender has feedback on the new service, we always welcome it, so please do get in touch.”


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