Tackling the problem of technology accessibility

Our new Plug and Play solution places essential conveyancing products at your fingertips – simply, easily, efficiently.
Working with our partner, Xperate, we’ve created a solution that streamlines a range of essential LMS products and services and embeds them within your case management system. The technology already works with four major CMS providers –

ALB, P4W, Mattersphere and SoS with more to come.

Products available through this implementation include:

How to access Plug and Play

Plug and Play has been designed to be the simplest integration option, with no complex API required. Using connectors to transfer information and documents directly into your case management system, it delivers powerful products directly into your workflow providing you with all the information you need.

There are two integration options:
1. You can use Plug and Play by following our self-serve process.
2. Let Xperate take care of everything for minimal cost.

Benefits of our plug and play capability

Time saving – building all info directly into workflow.

Simple – no internal training or need for dedicated IT to support

Convenient – no need to login to multiple plaforms

Customised for your law firm

Robust data transfer

Minimal associated cost

Xperate - providing tech driven answers to complex problems

The Xperate global team combine innovation with empathy, creating powerful, bespoke software solutions for everyone. Whether through integrations that increase process efficiency or through bespoke software design, their team share a commitment to reliable software development that is powerful, cost effective and efficient, regardless of your organisations size.

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“Accessing LMS services through simple integrations has been a game changer. The time saving and convenience of staying within our own systems has been a fundamental part of our process efficiency journey.”

Dean Carruthers
Operations Director – PLS Solicitors

“LMS has always been committed to making the conveyancing process easier and more efficient for all through the development of technology. Larger law firms can more easily take advantage of such tech because they either have more money to invest or more in-house expertise to develop their own. Small firms, on the other hand, are completely reliant on incumbent suppliers to deliver change.

Addressing this inequality is vital if we are going to drive the whole industry towards a tech-enabled, efficient and reliable future.”

Travis Scholes - Commercial Director at LMS

“The tech already exists to transform the conveyancing industry, but driving ease of use and better accessibility is the key to widespread adoption, only when the whole industry has the ability to implement tech will we see the results we know it can deliver, so working with LMS to bring such an innovative solution to the market is both exciting and rewarding.

The connectors we’re building will allow all firms to access LMS technology and is a testament to the huge impact true collaboration can have in driving the industry forward.”

Mark Garnish - CEO at Xperate

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