eCOT solutions

We offer two solutions across all UK jurisdictions for electronic Certificate of Title management.

Document Certificate
of Title

This solution is a precursor to the data solution as not all systems currently used by lenders are able to accept data alone. This solution can be implemented to ensure the data provided in the COT matches that held in the lender’s system and is accompanied by an electronic declaration certifying the title. LMS’s system provides this as a PDF securely to the lender.

Data Certificate of Title

This solution removes the need for a physical/electronic COT document. The submitting law firm will provide the data required via the LMS Conveyancer Zone portal. By providing the data and an electronic certification of the title LMS is able to check the data against the current instruction records as well as check the law firm’s Panel Link membership details.

Benefits of eCOT

Law firms interacting with the LMS system have a consistent user experience across all lenders.

Removes the need for the lender to validate law firm details prior to release of funds as details have been validated against the LMS live system, mitigating risk of fraud.

A law firm can submit an eCOT directly from their case management system.

The eCOT submission will always create a PDF version for audit purposes or to keep on file.

Lender determined eCOT fields.

No need for fax, email or postal submissions.

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