Automated document distribution

We have developed an API to allow law firms to collect their case documents automatically, without having to log into Conveyancer Zone. This should therefore save law firms time and effort and enable them to progress their cases in real time, with better security and without interruption.


Available Document Types

  • Consent to mortgage form

  • ESIS document

  • Law firm mortgage offer (incurs fee of £1+VAT per document distributed)

  • Law firm mortgage offer cover letter

  • Mortgage valuation report

Benefits of integration

  • Eliminates the requirement to login to Conveyancer Zone to accept the instruction and collect the lenders mortgage offer.

  • No complex IT work required

  • Progress without interruption

How do I get started?

LMS have partnered with Xperate, the UK based software development company, to deliver an API range to law firms via specific CMS platforms. Contact us today to see if your CMS is one of them, or to find out more about our plug and play solution click the link below.

Alternatively, we can provide your developers access to our documentation and API schemas, with a set of test credentials, supported by a technical walkthrough (if required).

When you are happy with your test integration, we can provide a set of production credentials and agree a rollout plan.

If you currently don’t have the resources to integrate with our API’s, our services are available through our web-based UI’s including Conveyancer Zone.

Find out more

Find out more

For further information contact the Product Team