What is Secure Link?

Through holding a knowledge base of lender approved frequently asked questions, we allow the law firm to receive an immediate response to their query allowing them to continue the conveyancing process without delay. Only if the response does not answer their query does it then get escalated to the lender’s contact centre, opening a conversation thread. This innovation has transformed the way in which lenders and law firms conduct their everyday business.

Through multiway messaging, lenders can also start a conversation thread with a law firm, saving time answering any queries received via traditional methods.

Secure Link significantly enhances a key element of conveyancing, reducing the turnaround time on law firm escalated queries for some lenders from two days to two hours, supporting the highest standards of customer service and exceeding the required service level agreements (SLA’s) for many.

Why use Secure Link?

The knowledge base of lender approved questions gives an immediate response to the law firm allowing the process to continue without delay.

All conversations are secure and only visible to you or your organisation who raised the query and the recipient.

All escalated law firm queries arrive in the lender’s contact centre via a single channel, therefore no need to manage fax, email or telephone.

Ability for users to upload documents with their query and share them with the recipient.

Reduce the number of calls to lender post offer contact centres.

You can view all queries and conversation threads raised by you or your organisation, solved by either the knowledge base or by a response from the recipient.

Fast and easy way for law firms to request a redemption statement from the lender.

A full list of all queries and conversations raised for a particular mortgage reference can be accessed in an easy-to-view and printable format.

Workspaces for Law Firms

From the initial launch of Secure Link we have partnered with a number of law firms to understand their needs and ongoing challenges, allowing us to design and develop the most helpful solutions, one of which is Workspace. This will facilitate completely digitised and integrated law firm to law firm communication, including enquiries and document sharing, driving efficiency in the conveyancing process.

Not only will this improve customer service for the end borrower, but the fact that all users must be fully authenticated to access the platform also drastically reduces fraud risk. Our unique position within the market allows for a more seamless approach to technology due to our market reach, with a panel of circa 4,000 law firms and over 40,000 active users accessing our services.

How to access Secure Link as a law firm

Simple user interface

Law firm Panel Link users or lenders with the correct permissions are able to access Secure Link using their existing LMS single sign on login details.

Easily implemented API

Via a set of API endpoints which allows completely integrated access to Secure Link for law firm users – no use of our UI, it’s all system-to-system with no need to leave your own CMS.

Hybrid iframe option

Allows users to start in their CMS without the need to login again, but can then view the Secure Link UI in a pop up or new tab.

Requesting a Redemption Statement with Secure Link

Secure Link is a fast and easy way for law firms to request a redemption statement from the lender, reducing the need for fax, email or telephone.

When a lender subscribes to offering redemption statements via Secure Link, a law firm will see the option to request this in the query category dropdown and will be prompted for some basic information about the account and the borrower.

Once a law firm submits the redemption request it is sent to the lender via their preferred Secure Link transmission method.

The lender will create the redemption statement and the law firm will receive a Secure Link notification when it is uploaded. The law firm will be able to view and download the redemption statement in the same way as any other uploaded document.

Lenders currently offering redemption statements via Secure Link include Bluestone, Chorley Building Society, Darlington Building Society, Dudley Building Society, Hanley Economic Building Society, Leeds Building Society, Marsden Building Society, MBS Lending, Monmouthshire Building Society, Natwest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Stafford Railway Building Society and The Melton Building Society.

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