The effectiveness of this technology means that all parties are completely aware of their obligations from the outset. In turn, the lender and the law firm can set realistic completion dates, with appropriate cases being progressed through automated case processing and more complex cases being assigned to a specialist team.

All cases can progress more quickly and reliably since those cases that are referred for manual intervention have the sole focus of senior staff. Some cases will also benefit from partial automation, all the while reducing risk and ensuring law firms maintain the appropriate level of oversight on each case.

Benefits for the customer

  • Customer expectations are more accurately set

  • An enhanced customer journey, including:

    • Reduction in contact touchpoints

    • Real-time case tracking

Benefits for the lender

  • Clearly set customer expectations – potential to improve TAT

  • Forecast completions more accurately

  • Increase in capacity

  • Richer real time MI and case analysis

  • Reduction in contact touchpoints

Benefits for the law firm

  • More efficient process

  • Reduction in administration

  • Better, more accurate data

  • Intelligent case allocation

  • Reduction in customer queries

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LMS's aim is to make the process as straightforward, transparent and simple as possible for customers, therefore we have automated and digitised key steps in the customer journey to enable a more efficient transaction.

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