LMS Coronavirus Statement

Staying safe and connected during the Coronavirus outbreak

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I would like to update you on the actions taken and how we are positioned to manage our way through these challenging times. At LMS, the safety and well-being of our employees, clients, partners, the lending and legal industries, and the wider community is our priority. 

We are actively monitoring the Coronavirus situation and taking all appropriate advice and steps to help keep our employees and business partners safe, whilst continuing to provide ongoing services during this critical time.

Protecting our employees and clients

As a fully tech-enabled business, we are fortunate to be in a position where we have been able to act swiftly and introduce effective home working plans, without major disruption to our services. We have immediately been able to redeploy the vast majority of our staff to home working with the remainder moving over the next week.

We are also fortunate to work with many of the leading law firms across the UK who have been able to match our agility and whilst maintaining service levels. We continue to work closely with all our partners to provide support where possible, advice where relevant and remain available for all Lenders, Law Firms and Brokers if we can assist in any way.

Effective contingency planning has enabled us to continue very much business as usual. In line with government advice, last week we moved all meetings to phone via video conference and restricted travel and event attendance. We are confident, that there will be no difference to our service levels or operating capabilities through a lengthy period of disruption.

Aligning with public health authorities

We have a team dedicated to our response to this pandemic and have Business Continuity Plans to ensure the continuation of our services to our clients. We are closely monitoring updates from the government, the Centre for Disease Control and the World Health Organization regarding Coronavirus. We will continue to seek guidance from these agencies, public health officials and government agencies on an ongoing basis.

We believe the role we play in providing advice and support to our partners in both the legal and lending sectors is incredibly important in challenging times like these,  and we remain available to support our partners in any way that we can through this unprecedented environment.

Over the coming weeks we will proactively share information, data and advice as much as possible as well as looking for new solutions to support the sector. Please do let me know if there is anyway in which we can support you or your businesses in these difficult times.


Nick Chadbourne

Chief Executive Officer