LMS Coronavirus Update

Supporting each other through the pandemic

The past 16 months have continued to be an extraordinary period during which the impact of COVID-19 still affects us all. At LMS, we have continued to adapt our business to the situation, and to manage our way through it, always ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees, clients, partners, and wider community.

Whilst our teams continue to predominantly work remotely and securely, as they have done for 16 months, we are now starting to plan for a return to some office working. We will ensure this is managed carefully so we continue delivering our usual high levels of service whilst also adhering to advice from government and public health officials concerning safe business practices.

Putting people first

Our long-term investment in the latest technology continues to prove helpful throughout this process, as it is this technology – along with the commitment of our people – that has enabled us to adopt remote working without disruption and to look to manage a hybrid working approach moving forward. It has also been gratifying to see our industry partners have continued to match our agility, ensuring that services across the sector have been maintained.

The systems we now have in place are working well for all our teams and clients, and as the situation evolves, we are continuing to support our partners and other stakeholders to ensure that home buyers can rely on a robust and efficient conveyancing process.

Supporting our sector

The most important aspect of this challenging environment, however, is that our own people, our clients and our colleagues across the industry continue to stay safe and well. To this end, we will continue to take on board the advice from public health officials and government agencies as it is issued, adapting our business practices and modifying our behaviour for as long as is required.

If there is any way in which we can support you or your business, do please get in touch as we are always ready and willing to assist in any way we can – especially in such uncertain times.