LMS launches brand new Secure Link technology to revolutionise end to end law firm communication

  • Improved Secure Link technology connects all stakeholders throughout the conveyancing process, making conveyancing more efficient, more streamlined and safer
  • The new technology will enable messaging between law firm to law firm, including enquiries and document sharing
  • The enhanced version significantly improves turnaround times and reduces fraud risk within an authenticated and secure conveyancing community


LMS, the UK’s leading conveyancer and panel management specialist, has today announced the launch of its revolutionised Secure Link technology. The platform will facilitate completely digitised and integrated law firm to law firm communication, including enquiries and document sharing, driving efficiency in the conveyancing process.


Since the success of the initial launch of Secure Link in 2021, LMS has been in communication with law firms to understand their needs and ongoing challenges, allowing them to design and develop the most helpful solutions. As such, the enhanced version of the technology will also provide:

  • Case-specific conversation and task tracking to improve the speed and efficiency of how firms can get updates from other stakeholders
  • Completely secure messaging from law firm to law firm
  • One singular view of the entire case, securely connecting all stakeholders to improve turnaround times while reducing fraud


Not only will this improve customer service for the end borrower, but the fact that all users must be fully authenticated to access the platform also drastically reduces fraud risk. LMS’ unique position within the market allows for a more seamless approach to technology due to its market reach, with a panel of circa 4,000 law firms with over 40,000 active users accessing its services. Ease of access for users will remain a priority for LMS and it’ll continue to work with all key stakeholders within the sector to prioritise accessibility for its network.


A group of law firms are now involved in a beta trial testing new features and helping build the final product.


Mark Tosetti, Group Partnership Director at O’Neill Patient Solicitors, says:

“It’s been great to see the new iterations of Secure Link come to life as a result of the feedback provided during the roundtable hosted by LMS back in March. It’s clear that LMS’ mission is to make the lives of conveyancers easy through its technology, and commitment to continuous engagement with law firms has allowed it to create something which will positively impact the conveyancing community and wider industry. We are looking forward to partnering with LMS and participating in the beta over the coming months, trialling the law firm to law firm communication feature and helping shape the final product.”


Commenting on the news, Nick Chadbourne, CEO of LMS said:

The LMS team has always had a mission to help both lenders and law firms provide the best service to their clients, and Secure Link® was originally born out of a need to improve safety and case query turnaround times. We have seen great results, lightening the burden on law firms which is crucial when they are under such pressure. This new iteration is inspired by the law firms themselves – we held a series of roundtables to determine what exactly they wanted to see next, and I’m proud of how the LMS team has worked to make it happen.


Complete end to end communication that simultaneously reduces fraud risk is no mean feat, but it doesn’t stop there – we will continue developing and perfecting our service by integrating other products and working with other third parties such as InfoTrack to enable access for all parties involved in a specific case. Our mission is to drive transparency and efficiency in conveyancing through collaboration and this is just the start! We look forward to seeing the results we know this will bring and welcome any and all stakeholder feedback too.”