Over 500 remortgage cases completed within two days via LMS DART (Decisioning and Automated Remortgage Technology)

  • DART is existing market-leading technology adopted by LMS’s partners, namely lenders and law firms.
  • Within two days, over 500 remortgage cases have been processed, increasing to 1,000 within five days.
  • Remortgage cases are managed within forty seconds via a robust decision-making engine.


In 2022, LMS launched DART, its Decisioning and Automated Remortgage Technology, with the support of multiple law firms and lenders.

Since then, LMS has worked with several firms and lenders to process remortgage cases via DART, enhancing a borrower’s journey by providing transparency from the outset and enabling quicker case completions.

What is DART?

The purpose of DART is to remove manual intervention on straightforward remortgage cases, allowing them to be automated, which frees up time for conveyancers so that they can focus on more complex cases.

DART also enables greater management of customer expectations. For example, borrowers have visibility of the expected completion date, which instils them with confidence.

Furthermore, all stakeholders are completely aware of their obligations from the outset, facilitating speed and communication to improve overall case management and completions.

What have LMS DART achieved so far?

Since its introduction, DART has launched multiple iterations to enhance data-driven decisions. For example, after identifying that address and name mismatches accounted for 15% of failures, LMS launched new features to help overcome these errors, reducing failures due to name and address mismatches by 50%.

Ultimately, DART has transformed what stakeholders can offer their customers during the remortgage process, providing more choice and control. Whether a borrower requires speed or certainty on their case, DART enables both.

With over 85% of remortgage instructions having an early repayment charge (ERC), pace isn’t always the driving factor. However, with DART, cases can be set up and ready ahead of an ERC to provide an additional layer of confidence for the borrower even during the initial stages of the process – a specific capability of DART which aptly showcases how it provides speed and certainty.

Nick Chadbourne, CEO at LMS, adds:

“DART has already demonstrated the power of automation and what existing technology can bring to the wider conveyancing sector moving forward. Now, it underscores the speed at which it can complete remortgage cases, given the high number of cases completed within just two days. Impressively, even those with ERCs are set up and ready to be completed on the date of expiry. Continued investment in the technology will further reduce complexity across specific aspects of the conveyancing journey, including the extension of this service to include additional third-party stakeholders.”