Redbrick Solutions chooses LMS in key partnership to deliver identity checking services to all clients

LMS, the UK’s leading panel management specialist, has announced its partnership with Redbrick Solutions, the UK’s leading case management software (CMS) provider, to deliver confirmly: a fast, trusted and secure identity checking technology to all its clients.

confirmly allows the provision of real time monitoring to law firms by harnessing LMS Panel Link and specialist data to verify bank account details. It reduces the risks associated with money transfers and allows the quick and easy gathering of information from trusted third party sources. In March alone, over 21,000 ECoTs were checked against confirmly, identifying 4.5% of cases that needed to be rejected as a result of mis-matched account details and therefore be manually checked. This greatly reduces the risk of these funds being lost.

Since launching in February, LMS’ confirmly has seen a high degree of uptake and the incorporation of the tech into Redbrick Solutions’ case management software will ensure the benefits of this innovative technology is successfully rolled out across all of its partner law firms.

The partnership shows LMS’ continued commitment to collaboration in order to drive the sector forward. The tech will refine and streamline the customer journey and vastly improve accessibility, giving an effective way to minimise the opportunity for fraud in the purchase process.


Travis Scholes, Commercial Director at LMS, said:

 LMS is dedicated to making the mortgage market both more secure and reliable, so we launched confirmly to help reduce the likelihood of scams and fraud. Based on March 2022 stats, 301 law firms updated their details with LMS, proving how valuable the tech is. It’s also been successful in identifying a 4.5% error rate in terms of incorrectly allocated funds, helping firms make sure their customers aren’t losing out on what could well be their life savings.

Partnering with Redbrick Solutions on this will help us to help even more firms deliver this level of protection and peace of mind, not only for themselves but also for the end customer.”


Martin MacDuff, Managing Director at Redbrick Solutions says:

 “We are happy to announce that confirmly by LMS will be available to all Redbrick Solutions customers over the coming months. Our aim is to help increase ease and efficiency for law firms and we see confirmly playing a huge part in that process whilst reducing risk and preventing fraud.”