tmgroup integrates with LMS Confirmly in move to protect clients from rising financial fraud

  • tmgroup has added confirmly to their platform for fast and trusted law firm identity-checking technology
  • Roll out will see tmgroup and all CDS firms able to benefit from the tech, reducing risk of fraud when scams are on the rise


LMS, the UK’s leading conveyancing services provider, has today announced a new partnership with tmgroup, a tech company specialising in conveyancing services, to deliver confirmly, its law firm identity-checking technology to tmgroup’s client base.


confirmly is specifically designed for law firms to tackle rising levels of fraud in the industry. By harnessing LMS Panel Link and specialist third party data, it provides real-time monitoring to law firms to verify account details automatically before any funds are transferred, reducing the risk of falling victim to scams. With millions of pounds transferred daily, verifying details before funds are released is crucial to preventing fraudsters from exploiting borrowers in the process.


Through the new integration, tmgroup clients will have access to confirmly through its existing platform, enabling it to deliver an even more efficient conveyancing journey to all stakeholders in a property transaction. This builds on LMS’ commitment to facilitate collaboration across the conveyancing industry to offer all stakeholders a more secure, efficient journey.


Travis Scholes, Commercial Director at LMS, said:

“The safety of consumers has never been more important – the nature of the housing market at the moment and the increasing sophistication with which fraudsters target firms means verifying law firm and bank details quickly is vital. Doing this without holding up the whole conveyancing process is key for delivering a seamless and efficient journey without compromising on financial safety. That is exactly what confirmly does, and the partnership with tmgroup was a natural one as our visions are so clearly aligned. We’re looking forward to working with the team to deliver some great results across the board.”


Matt Joy, Sales & Marketing Director at tmgroup, comments:

“All of our solutions were born from a mission to simplify and automate the conveyancing process while managing risk effectively. Technology is vital for this and the integration with LMS confirmly allows us to provide that extra reassurance to clients that any funds they are handling on behalf of the end borrower are safe during large transactions. tmgroup and LMS are very much driving the same agenda when it comes to driving efficiency and certainty in this industry, and the team has been truly dedicated to making this partnership work for us. We look forward to working with them and seeing the results speak for themselves.”


Click to find out more about the integration here: https://www.tmgroup.co.uk/confirmly/